HOW TO get in touch

Email or call with your event date - venue - guest number - theme/colors.

what we do

We design a custom candy buffet table to match your theme or event style. We can work with an event planner as well.

We design the candy labels, centerpiece, table decor, and personalized treat bags.

Approximately two hours to the start of your event, we set up, and leave. Then we tear down at the end of your event - and all leftover candy is yours to keep or to distribute to your guests.

we can create just about anything

Just try us, we can do it.Two kissing fish with lollipops as scales....done. A massive black and white masquerade for a masquerade ball....done. An Alice in Wonderland themed table....done. A CHANEL look....done.


how it's better than just cake

Looking into a sweet table to add to your cake and dessert? It will most likely be pricey and not even half the fun of a candy buffet. Why? Adults become kids, and kids become even more kid-like with candy. They love it, and it is an interactive fun and exciting detail that will have them talking about that sweet candy buffet that blew them away!

two or three for the price of one

You get more than just a candy buffet.... you get a wonderful memory, plus a take-home favor for your guests to enjoy. More than just a sweet table. A memory, a show-stopper, a CUSTOMIZED FAVOR.

candy buffet or centerpiece buffet

As an alternative to a table candy buffet, we also create candy buffet centerpieces which can be placed in the middle of each table for your guests to enjoy. This creates a centerpiece, a favor, and a fun dessert - all in one!  This works great for large birthday or anniversary parties, or conventions/meetings.