About Us

We take your event and add a special touch.

We are experienced art directors, photo shoot stylists, and graphic designers who have over 20 yrs experience in the arts. That makes us different. We have created displays for major advertising photo shoots, trade shows and even infamous New York City's 5th Avenue! With our experience with top fashion designers and fabrics and set designs - we can create just about ANYTHING to personalize your event and to make your event unique and stand out among the rest, down to specialized handmade props to accent your theme or decor!

Our full candy buffet is the sweet element that puts a smile on your guests faces. From kids to seniors everyone loves a little sweet something as a flavorful fun main event table or a lovely treat at the end of the evening to top it off. Best part is your guests get to take home a little sweetness that tops off a lasting memory of your event.


CCB can upscale your wedding or special event with elegance and style, adding sophisticated touches and an assortment of candies that will match your color scheme. Just leave it up to us. The candy buffet can accent your sweet table or replace your sweet table! The little sweet bags or boxes can be used as favors. One less thing to worry about!


We LOVE fun! That's what sweets are all about. Just tell us your theme and we will coordinate a whole sweet table around it. Princess, fairytales, anniversaries, baby showers, sports parties, company events, you name it. Don't have a theme or color scheme in mind? We can work with you and help you make it amazing!


Whether it's a store premiere, a grand opening, office party, or an employee appreciation day we can make this a momentous occasion. Your employees will be smiling at their desks for the rest of the day with their little favor bag of sweets. Your guests or customers will take home 'a little something' to keep as a sweet memory of your event. Such as simple gesture lasts and the memory is a sweet one!